Silicone Rubber Keypads are commonly designed to include a contact point on the underside that will activate a circuit on a PCB (Printed Circuit Board).  Below is a picture of a PCB with a gold contact meant to interface with a contact point on a silicone rubber keypad.


Silicone Rubber Keypad Contact PCB
PCB Contact

The most common contact point used with silicone rubber keypads are carbon contact pills.  These pills are low cost and very effective.  Some designs make it difficult to attach a carbon contact pill in many of these situations a good solution will be to print a carbon contact point on the silicone rubber keypad using carbon contact ink.  Below is a short video showing how carbon contact ink is printed onto a silicone rubber keypad.


Step 1: The carbon ink printing machine is setup to print in specific areas on the silicone rubber keypad.

Step 2:  The silicone rubber keypad is inserted in to the carbon ink printing machine.

Step 3: The carbon ink is picked up by the machine.

Step 4: The carbon ink is printed onto the silicone rubber keypad.

Step 5: The silicone rubber keypad with the carbon printed is removed from the machine and allowed to dry.


Silicone Dynamics offers carbon contact pills, gold contact pills and printed carbon contacts.  Contact us today for a Free Sample Silicone Rubber Keypad.