A picture of a full silicone keypad manufactured by Silicone Dynamics.
Custom Silicone Rubber Keypad Manufacturer

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    These are complex and expensive samples; in return, please allow us to provide you a competitive quote on your silicone rubber keypads and parts needs.

    We manufactured our free silicone rubber keypad as a free design tool for our potential customers. With all of the different features this keypad is not cheap or easy to produce but we know how useful it can be. Please use the request form to the left to request this free Silicone Rubber Keypad sample be sent to you. We are located in Bend Oregon USA so shipping outside of North America is expensive. This is a free sample, the shipping and handling is also free for addresses located in the US or Canada only.

    Our Silicone Rubber Keypad shows various features/options available for custom silicone keypads and parts. Here are some of the features on the sample: Shore A 30°, Shore A 40°, Shore A 50°, Shore A 60°, Shore A 70°, Matte Polyurethane Spray Coating, Glossy Polyurethane Spray Coating, Epoxy Coating, Plastic Keycaps, Carbon Pills, Laser Etching, Positive Printing, Negative Printing, 100g Activation Force, 150g Activation Force, 200g Activation Force, 250g Activation Force, various silicone rubber button sizes and shapes. Not only does the sample show the many features/options available, it also shows the quality of our manufacturing capabilities.