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Custom Silicone Rubber

Silicone Dynamics is a US-based engineering and design company that specializes in producing high and low volumes of custom silicone keypads at competitive prices.

If you have a project that would benefit from a custom silicone keypad, let us send you an engineering sample that highlights many design options — material type, hardness, PCB contacts (carbon/gold), back lighting, laser etching, polyurethane coating, epoxy coating, button feedback and more — so you can evaluate the best solution for your next design.

Custom Silicone Rubber Keypad Manufacturer

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US, Oregon based engineers and designers with aerospace experience can help bring your next project to life. Have clear communication with competitive cost!

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The Leader in Silicone Rubber Molding

Examples of custom silicone molds from keypads, keyboards and other parts Silicone Dynamics has created for customers.




Silicone Dynamics custom silicone keypad samples are available to review the quality of our craftsmanship and the function of your design.

Get a Free Sample

Our sample silicone rubber keypad is designed to help you design your own custom keypad. It features different coatings, laser etching, printing, co-molding, multiple shore (hardness), actuation force, and more.


Silicone Dynamics provides high quality custom silicone keypads and parts.

Who Are We?

Silicone Dynamics is an Oregon-based corporation.  Our sales, marketing, engineering, and management are located in Bend, Oregon.  We operate our manufacturing facility in China with the strictest quality controls to ensure the best possible product.

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Silicone Dynamics specializes in manufacturing custom silicone rubber keypads and silicone parts. We also manufacture custom membrane keypads and plastic enclosures.



Some Common FAQs

What is the “normal” travel for a button on a silicone keypad?

If the silicone’s button structure (or webbing) provides the actuation force then the travel should be about 0.04? to 0.05?. If there will be a metal dome under the button providing the actuation force then the travel should be 0.00″ to 0.01″.

What is the purpose of One-time Setup/NRE?

The One-Time Setup/NRE are mostly for the actual mold that will create your parts, programming of the equipment, setup of any fixtures needed to create these parts and any other setup that may be needed to create your parts.

What is the minimum number of pieces that I can order?

We are happy to produce any number of parts from 1 piece up to hundreds of thousands of pieces.  When you are looking for 100 pieces or less, we would suggest going with prototype tooling which is usually about 1/3 of the tooling charge of production tooling.  The positive with going this route is the lower setup cost, the negative if your design is successful and you want to get a production run of parts you will need to pay for the production tooling to be built.  Normally, prototype tooling is used for new designs that will likely need to be changed.


What hardness (or shore) should I use for my custom keypad?

The answer is different depending on how the actuation force is provided. If there is no metal dome under the button we typically recommend 50-55 shore A (think inner tube or door seal). If there is a metal dome under the button then we would recommend 60 shore A (think windshield wiper blade). Our Sample keypad has: 30 Shore A, 40 Shore A, 50 Shore A, 60 Shore A and 70 Shore A. Request our engineering sample silicone keypad so you can feel the different shores and decide which is best for your project.

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